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Kimono Cardigans: Must-Have Japanese Streetwear Style Kimono

Kimono Cardigans: Must-Have Japanese Streetwear Style Kimono

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Fashion constantly evolves but always draws on inspiration from the past. Kimono cardigans are the perfect example of how we can draw from the past and update it for modern shoppers.

This design incorporates a short, sassy style with streetwise good looks and traditional color. You'll find these items for sale in every shop that curates its collection with good taste and an eye for fashion.

Elegant or sexy, edgy or comfortable, a classically-styled short kimono cardigan will never miss the mark for men or women.

What Are Kimono Cardigans?

Kimono cardigans are a stylish alternative to sweaters. They wrap around the chest with a deep V-neck. The look is more elegant and flattering than sweaters because the V-neck elongates the neck, and the wraparound effect hides love handles.

The look is forgiving and comfortable and embraces the concept of a universal size. Tightening the belt adjusts the size for a snug fit, but there is plenty of fabric.

You may find styles that button up, but it's more common to tie the kimonos closed. However, the closure is less critical than the designs. People all over the world delight in the bright and beautiful traditional Japanese designs.

Did you know that these are more than simply pretty patterns? Each color and design may also have a deeper meaning. You might choose one of the following for yourself or opt for a special meaning for someone special.

For example, gifting your child a Koi fish design in a bold color could bring them luck during their exams. You could buy your friend a tortoise design to show you support them during a hard time.

·      Dragon: Good luck, power, wisdom

·      Phoenix: Peace and good luck

·      Crane: Good fortune and longevity

·      Tiger: Peace and blessings

·      Snake: Strength, good luck, protection

·      Koi fish: Patience, success, courage

·      Tortoise: Support, longevity, good luck

·      Eagle: The power of nature

Alternatively, pick a design and color that is traditional but does not have a spiritual meaning:

·      Samurai's face

·      Demon Oni face

·      Great wave

·      Kitsune fox face

·      Anime characters

·      Japanese crane

·      Sakura or cherry blossom

·      Japanese writing

Also known as a Haori, the silk kimono cardigan is the closest in look to the original. However, modern versions of these kimonos also come in knit fabrics like sweaters. You can also find padded versions.

How to Style Kimono Cardigans

You'll never go wrong with kimono cardigans in your closet. There is a style, color, and size for every occasion.

Opt for one or two in plain colors that will go with anything, and then up the ante with bold designs when you want to feel on top of the world.

Throw a red cardigan over monochrome outfits to add a pop of color for work. Change up to a Boho kimono cardigan over jeans for a casual shop, and keep the showstopper to wear over a sleeveless dress for date night.

Men can wear kimono cardigans belted over smart trousers for a more formal look or have them open with jeans to keep things casual. Men can also change up the color and size for added variety.

Dragon Kimono Cardigan

Dragon Kimono Cardigan


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How to Wear These Cardigans

It's up to you what size and style you select for your kimono cardigan. Men traditionally pair a large jacket with trousers, but you may choose whatever suits you.

The versatility of these items is that you can dress them up or down. For example, you can elevate a little black dress with a lacy jacket paired with heels and bold jewelry.

Wear them belted shut to accentuate your silhouette or leave the ties undone when relaxing. For more ideas, please browse our online shop and see how we style our items for sale.

What to Wear With Kimono Cardigans in Every Season

Kimonos are flowing garments with styles for each season:

·      In spring, a red kimono cardigan chases away the last of the winter chill and helps you create the perfect look. A boho chic or bright color reminds you that it's time to join in on the upcoming summer fun.

·      In summer, they make a great cover over a swimsuit or smarten up a pair of shorts. A silk kimono jacket adds beauty on vacation without adding too much weight. You might shop for a collection of light cardigans to expand your wardrobe options exponentially.

·      In the fall, your collection might stretch to a bigger size or longer length to keep the cool wind at bay. You'll want to shop for a slightly warmer collection in preparation for winter and get great prices on the outgoing summer stock.

·      In winter, you can wrap your black kimono cardigan tightly around you while you shop for a selection of warming food. As the size is forgiving, you'll feel comfortable even if you have one too many hot chocolates.

What Is the Difference Between Kimonos and These Cardigans?

The primary difference is in length. A kimono is a floor-length garment that dates from somewhere between 800 and 1200. While the Japanese refined the sleeves and style slightly in the intervening centuries, the kimono is still very similar to its early counterparts.

The classic kimono is a striking piece of art made from drapes of beautiful fabric. The material size is impressive but pales compared to the intricate design, stunning color, and embroidery.

While we associate Japanese culture with bold splashes of color, these outfits can also come in delicate pastels or black and white. The size of the sleeves may also vary.

With the cardigan versions, many things remain the same. You will likely also notice the same comfortable size, color choices, intricate design, and variety. However, the item resembles a cardigan more than a traditional garment.

It typically ends at hip level, although some designs end at the mid-calf or mid-thigh. Like with a kimono, you tie the jacket around your body to adjust the size. However, you can also leave the coat open, making it the most versatile item in the shop.

With your shortened kimono, you can create many looks and match any occasion.

What Are They Made of Usually?

Kimonos traditionally come in silk, giving the best feel and experience. However, the price can be high, so you will also find a short kimono in various materials, including:

·      Polyester

·      Knit fabrics from sheer to chunky cable knits

·      Chiffon

·      Cotton

·      Linen

Prices vary according to:

·      Sizes

·      Materials

·      Length

·      Design

How Do You Tie Kimono Cardigans?

Would you like to know a secret? There is no right way anymore. You traditionally tie a men's kimono cardigan with a knot or bow in the body's center. However, in our experience, tying it off to the side or even the back can be more flattering.

Is Wearing This Cardigan Style Cultural Appropriation?

It's always important to approach shopping for new fashion items with respect. It's a sign of the times now that we even know to raise the issue of cultural appropriation, and it is good that we can discuss it.

However, the issue of cultural appropriation is a fraught one. Fashion comes in waves, and designers take inspiration from the past.

Therefore you might find an element of cultural appropriation in every clothing item in your collection. For example, you might consider denim jeans the cultural identity of blue-collar American workers from earlier days.

Wearing jeans doesn't mean that you respect them any less. What it does mean is that you appreciate the product and the look. The difference here is that you're buying an item of beauty and wearing it proudly out of cultural appreciation.

Build a collection that has meaning to you and pays homage to the culture rather than seeing it as a throw-away fashion trend.

The Finest Collection of Kimono Cardigans

Enjoy Kimono brings Japanese culture and quality to your doorstep. We continue the fine tradition of outstanding customer service and attention to detail that put our brand in the international spotlight.

Our carefully-curated selection embraces the colors and artistry of traditional Japanese design. We carefully vet each item to ensure you get the best quality at a reasonable price.

You can browse our selection of beautiful kimono cardigans in our online shop today and delight in your first order. We have the items you want in the right color, size, and price. Finally, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we have a sale.

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