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About Eiyō Kimono

Eiyo Kimono


With the traditional honor of Japanese culture, mixed with unique styles of modern clothing, Eiyo Kimono brings the Japanese culture to you. 

How it all started

Before Eiyo Kimono, we started in the fashion world as fashion stylists. Working in the industry since 2016, we worked for ecommerce website SSENSE, Aldo to name a few and build our clientele to shop and style for.  

That was until the pandemic hit. Working and having contact with people were no longer possible. While looking for other avenues to continue working in fashion, we decided to start an online boutique and sell our most favorite piece of clothe: The Kimono 

Eiyo Kimono was born

This online boutique looks to bring the Japanese culture to your doorstep and offers a vast selection of beautiful Japanese-styled clothing that brings honor to any who wear it.  Eiyo Kimono was built from the ground up with a passion for quality fabrics, respectand admiration for the Japanese culture, and loyalty to all of our customers and has been bringing honor and respect to our customers since 2020. 

We specialize in creating unique clothing tailored to each person’s style.  Anyone who loves Japanese styled clothing should look at our collections and inquire about how we can serve you.  We offer a wide variety of haori, a popular women’s kimono short jacket, and sukaian, which is an embroidered jacket for streetwear style.  We also make specially crafted hakama, which are Japanese pants made for both men and women.  To complete your outfit, we have perfected the craft of the geta; Japanese footwear, offer in all sizes.

But if you are looking to put yourself into an authentic Japanese kimono robe, we have many options for you to choose from that will certainly give you the accurate Japanese style.  Each of our clothes are made by professionals and are made with quality material that is comfortable and affordable.  Each comes in cool and bright designs with the most popular Japanese pattern.  With our professional tailors, we work with our customers to help them choose a style that is unique to them and appropriate for any season.

Furthermore, if you are looking to add accessories to your outfit, we also offer traditional Japanese masks like the kitsune, oni, and tengu masks, plus many more that represent the Japanese folklore.  We also make unique and colorful Japanese kimono sashes that accentuate any kimono robes.  We will make sure that these accessories go with any clothing that you purchase to ensure that your outfit is stylish and complete.

Eiyo Kimono



At Eiyo Kimono, we love our work and cater to any that love the Japanese styled clothing.  We will not stop until each and every one of our customers is satisfied. We work with the very best designers and suppliers in Tokyo, Japan to help each of our customer’s realize their dream of owning their own piece of Japan.  Together, we will make your beauty thrive and give you the exclusive and honorable look you have been looking for. 

We pride ourselves in our work and would love to help you in any way we can.  At Eiyo Kimono, you are only a click or email away from owning your own traditional Japanese clothing in a style that is unique to you.