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Choosing the Perfect Kimono Jacket for Your Body Type

Know what kind of body you have when looking for a kimono jacket. Kimono coats look good on a lot of body types. Choose a style that fits your body type well for comfort. The four main body shapes are the square, the pear, and the apple.

After you know your shape, pay attention to the length, fit, and fabric of the clothes you buy. One kimono cardigan that peers can wear hits the biggest part of the hips. Patterns should suit your coloring without being too bold. Sleeve lengths and necklines can flatter your face. By understanding the basics of styles that work for your shape, you can easily find a kimono jacket to feel confident and comfortable in.

Colors That Work Best

Once you understand your body type, choose colors that enhance your best features. Warm golden tan and creamy whites are universally flattering on all shapes. Pears look lovely in jewel tones like emerald green or ruby red which draw attention upward. Cool blues work well for apples to visually widen shoulders. 

Hourglasses glow in rich shades that play up curves, like plum, wine, or navy. Straights stand out in bold pops of color like cobalt or fuchsia. Consider your skin tone too when selecting shades. Light or medium tones suit fairer complexions, while deep browns and grays compliment olive or dark skin. The right hue takes your haori jacket from nice to knockout.

Fit Tips To Emphasize Your Best Assets

  • Cinch your waist. A jacket that ties, belts or has a fitted waist will create an hourglass shape.
  • Choose a longer length. For pear shapes, a jacket hitting the widest part of the hips balances the figure.
  • Go for defining sleeves. Straight or rectangle bodies look great in a jacket with a fitted sleeve and shoulder.
  • Choose a flattering neckline. V-necks lift the bust while scoop or boat necks flatter broad shoulders.
  • Look for stretchy fabric. Fabrics that move with your curves will be comfortable and complementary.
  • Pick your pocket placement. Higher pockets on jackets for apple shapes de-emphasize the midsection.
  • Consider ruffles or flounces. Details like this draw attention to the hips and thighs on pear body types.
  • Go with nips and tucks. Tailored darts or gathers shape the jacket specifically to your form.
  • Try solid colors over prints. Bold patterns can overwhelm some figures so solids showcase shape best.
  • Cinch or tie your jacket loosely. You want to define yourself, not constrict, so go with a relaxed fit.

Alterations to Perfect the Fit

A short kimono jacket may look great on the hanger but still need little fixes. A tailor person can adjust things like waist size, sleeve length, or hem. They can make things smaller or bigger to make everything fit right. Small changes make a big difference in how you feel wearing it. Be bold to have it pinned and try it on for the tailor to see. Their expert eye helps get the fitting just perfect. A little custom work makes sure your jacket hugs your shape nicely.

Confidence Comes From Finding Your Perfect Fit

It's easy to lack confidence when clothes don't flatter your shape as a woman. But discovering the right kimono jacket that flatters your figure gives you an automatic boost. This inner assurance will shine through and others will see a woman who feels comfortable in her style. 

With a perfectly fitted kimono jacket for women that enhances your natural curves, your confidence is born from loving how you look. So treat yourself to a flattering cut of kimono jacket that truly flatters your shape - it's the easiest way to feel fabulous.

Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Kimono Jacket




Wear with fitted tops/shirts

Wear over baggy clothes

Cinch the waist with a belt or tie

Leave waist loose if shapeless

Pair with jeans or leggings

Wear with sweatpants or shorts

Add a scarf or necklace

Wear without any accessories

Roll up sleeves in summer

Keep long sleeves in hot weather

Layer over thin dresses

Hide beautiful outfit underneath

Show off with boots in the fall/winter

Wear only with flip-flops

Feel free to mix prints

Match lots of loud patterns

Relax and have fun with style

Stress overfitting perfect

Ways to Wear a Kimono Jacket 

You can dress up or down a kimono style jacket in a lot of different ways. Here are some stylish choices:

With jeans and shoes

For a laid-back look that's great for daily wear, your kimono jacket opens over a plain t-shirt with pants and trainers. The kimono is comfy and makes the outfit look nice.

On top of a sundress

A kimono jacket can be worn over a sundress to make it more feminine for the day. For a fun summer look, wear a dress with a flower or striped print on top.

As an Extra Piece

Wear a kimono jacket over a sweater or long-sleeved shirt when it’s cool. Put a belt around your waist for your body shape. For a trendy stacked look, wear it with pants or a skirt. 

With Work Clothes

Buttoned up, a kimono is professional yet distinctive when worn with slacks, a blouse, and loafers or work-appropriate shoes. It brings visual interest to a workday outfit.

As a Mini Dress

Wear a knee-length kimono jacket for women as a minidress by itself for a bold look. To dress it up for the night, put on dark tights and high boots.

Different Kinds Of Fabric That Are Used To Make Traditional And Modern Kimono Jackets

In the past, kimono coats were usually made of silk. Silk is smooth and light. It was cool in the summer. Patterns and shapes look great on silk. One more cloth that was used was linen. It is tough and lets air flow through it well. These natural fabrics felt good in hot weather and were valued.

Now kimonos can still be made of silk. But other fabrics are also used. Fabrics like polyester look like silk but cost less. Some types of polyester don't wrinkle. Cotton is popular for casual style. It feels softer than polyester. Tencel is eco-friendly and like silk but from plants. These modern fabrics let the kimono fit in modern fashion. They also respect the traditional kimono style.


It is important to know your body shape when choosing a kimono jacket. The style should make your best parts look good. Look at details like ties, belts, or sleeves that define your shape. Fabrics that move will keep you comfortable. Most importantly, feel confident in how you look. Kimono jacketscan flatter all shapes when picked for your shape. With the right fit, you will love how you look.

Colour also boosts your confidence. Certain bright colors draw eyes up in a flattering way. Darker colors minimize some body parts. Rich colors highlight natural curves. High-contrast pops make straight shapes stand out more. Also, think about what skin tone looks best. Warm tones generally flatter everyone. Know your shape and best colors. Then your womens kimono jacket will show off to all of you in a beautiful way.