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Haori: Japanese Jacket for Women

Haori Jacket | Eiyo Kimono

Do you like Japanese culture? The haori jacket for women combines both Japanese traditional clothing with Harajuku streetwear style. It is a kind of shirt specifically adopted at a certain time by the high class to avoid dirtying the garment inside. Worn for centuries, this piece is characterized by its simple, yet elegant design and comfort. It is designed with high-quality fabrics, often light and flowing, and nowadays it is a mark of traditional culture. This type of clothing fits both women and men to flatter all body types. Discover in this guide all about this kimono jacket very appreciated in the land of the rising sun.

What is the Haori?

A haori is a Japanese kimono jacket, made of beautiful fabrics decorated on the back with very sophisticated Japanese patterns with symbolic meaning It was previously worn by peasants over the kimono, the elite samurai, or Japanese warriors. Geishas who wanted to adopt a distinguished style also appreciated it. This antique garment is distinguished by its wide sleeves, which offer more comfort to the movements. Its length falls on the hips.

The Japanese have the habit of keeping this type of jacket open or closed with a cord called "haori himo". This accessory has many variations. Silk models are particularly used during special events. A drawstring closure with a large pompom is compatible with formal wear.

Currently, this Japanese women's jacket is used as a light coat to be worn with a pair of traditional wooden sandals such as Geta or Zori during a Matsuri festival. Some models made of less elegant fabrics can be worn on a daily basis, especially at the beach or during a picnic.